"We need new infrastructure to protect our community from flooding, better services to help those in times of need - and a fair buyout plan for homes if and when it's needed."

Kim Manning


My Plan to Tackle Flooding

We are on the front lines of a climate emergency. That is why I have a plan to tackle flooding in our community. While I initially opposed the purchase of the Trans Mountain pipeline, the Prime Minister has been clear that every dollar made from the sale of the pipeline and the new corporate tax it will generate should be invested in green energy and green technology.

We should expand that scope and use part of the proceeds of Trans Mountain to mitigate the effects of climate change.

My plan to tackle flooding includes:

New flood infrastructure for municipalities. We need the federal government to step up to fund new infrastructure to help communities cope with climate change. Where municipalities identify key projects, the federal government should step in with 100% of the funding so that infrastructure can be built right away. More support for those in flood zones.

We need better supports for those experiencing flooding. That means a dedicated fund to increase access to 311 during flood season, case managers to guide homeowners through the buyout process, and funding for municipalities to update their flooding and emergency preparedness plans.

Market rate buyouts at pre-flood assessed municipal values. The province’s plan simply is not good enough. In Alberta, homes were bought out at pre-flood assessed market values. The result? Homeowners were able to afford to move. The current plan leaves Montreal homeowners destitute. The federal government should be a partner and top up the provincial buyout so that homeowners can move with dignity if they need to move.

When I was 13 my home was destroyed in a storm. My mother was a single parent raising three children and we lost everything. It was because the federal government stepped in with funding that we were able to rebuild our lives. We need the federal government to stand with us now as we tackle climate change head on. We need to reduce our emissions and we need to have a real plan that will address flooding not just in Montreal but all across Canada.

My Commitment on Flood Prepardness

We need to be ready if flooding affects our community once again. The most important thing we can do is prevent future flooding by making sure our sewar systems can handle excess water, looking to municipalities for solutions and working with community leaders to have open lines of communication.

If you want a voice in parliament that will fight for our community to receive the infrastructure it needs caucus, please help me get to Parliament.
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