We are in a climate emergency. I have three young kids who worry about their future - and I worry too. I want my kids, and my future grandkids, to have clean air and water. We need to stand up for our planet so we leave a liveable climate for future generations .

Kim Manning


We Need To Fight For a Low Carbon Future

Let's be clear: Climate Change is having real effects on Canada which is costing us billions of dollars.

Here in Montreal we can see the effects of climate change first hand in our communities that have been flooded.

I have a real plan to address flooding in our community that you can read here.

Forget about the money though. If we want a Canada that is fair and just, it needs to be livable. If we believe in a world that is fair and just we need to protect our planet.

Inaction will create millions of climate refugees, famine, deserts and will impact the most vulnerable the hardest. We must take action now to transition to a low carbon economy.

“I've been going to climate rallies at every opportunity because climate change is real and if we don't take action we don't have a world to live in. My mom has been so incredibly supportive of my activism. I can promise you this is an issue she cares deeply about. I know she will do the right thing for our planet.” - Flo Manning

My Commitment on the Environment

In the Liberal Caucus, every voice is unique. While there are broad values and a platform that guide the work of the members, there are plenty of things up for debate. If I am your Liberal candidate - and Member of Parliament, I will go to caucus to advocate for our planet.

We need to take action to protect our community which has seen flood after flood.

I can commit to you here and now that I am completely and totally opposed to any pipelines that run through our backyard. That is why I'm on the record as opposed to the Energy East pipeline. I understand why our Prime Minister approved Trans Mountain - I wasn't happy about it, but I understand that every dollar from the project (both the sale of the pipeline and all future tax collected from it) is going into green energy. That's a good compromise, but it must be the last one.

If you want to send a strong green Liberal voice to sit in the Liberal caucus, please help me get to Parliament. Please register and vote in the Liberal nomination.