"No parent should have to explain to their child they can't be a police officer, can't be a judge - can't grow up to be a teacher because of their religion."

Kim Manning


Bill 21 Must Be Stopped

Bill 21 is odious - it is unfair, it is unCanadian - it is inconsistent with our values.
And yet it is being enacted by Conservative politicians who want to divide us for their political gain.
Minority rights are not up for debate in Canada.
True religious neutrality means the state should not, must not care if people are religious - or not.
I have been fighting against Bill 21 for all of these reasons and more.

Now Is Not The Time to Give Up

In the spring of 2016, my colleague, Homa Hoodfar, was in Iran visiting family – little did we know that She would soon be detained by the Iranian government.

She was put under house arrest, and then, one dark day, was thrown into Evin Prison on trumped-up charges.

Her crime of “dabbling in Feminism and security matters” was based on her research and scholarship on women for gender equality.

We waited and waited for Iran to release Homa, but once we saw the process had led to a stalemate, we began to apply as much public pressure as we could - always careful to coordinate with her family.

Homa's story has a happy ending: she is safe and home in Canada. There were points where we could not confirm she was alive, points when it seemed hope was lost. But when hope is dwindling it's time to fight harder for the people and values that matter the most to us.

Global News Clip: 2017 Press Conference

“Kim’s leadership at Concordia University and in the community, her academic work on women and politics, and her support for me in my darkest hour are the reason she has my support.”

Homa Hoodfar

My Commitment on Bill 21

I fully support the court challenge of Bill 21, and if a judge approves it, will be joining the court challenge.

But if the court challenge fails we must have an insurance policy. All of our human rights are too important.

I'm running to be our member of parliament to stand up for all of us
. That's why I am committing to fully exploring every option to stop Bill 21 if it is not stopped by the courts.   I hope that the courts are able to block Bill 21, not only to restore human rights to all Quebecers but to set a legal precedent that this legislation cannot be enacted in Canada.

If you want a voice in caucus that will fight against Bill 21 - if the courts don't stop it, please help me get to Parliament.
Please register and vote in the Liberal nomination.