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When I was 13 my house was destroyed in a storm.

The year was 1983, and my mom was raising the three of us on her own while attending school. What was a one-time, catastrophic weather event for us is now a regular occurrence due to climate change.

After that storm my family and I were left homeless. But here’s what happened: the community took us in and gave us shelter, the Red Cross fed us, and the federal government helped us to recover from the disaster.

We need, now more than ever, to look out for one another. We have a provincial government vilifying our friends and neighbours with Bill 21—it must be stopped.

I’m running to be our Liberal candidate so I can go to Parliament to do one thing: stand up for our community.

Meet Kim

A China expert, university leader and human rights advocate, Kim has advocated for legislative changes in Quebec City and Ottawa to expand human rights.

She has developed new collaborative projects on making higher education more inclusive and accessible, and appears regularly in local and national media to discuss these issues and more.

A French, Mandarin, and English speaker, Kim is a strong, proven leader who is ready to take on the challenge of climate change in Parliament, and to ensure the continued prosperity of Montreal.


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Where I stand on:

Climate Change

Climate Change

I know what it's like to lose your home to catastrophic weather. It's time to take action on climate change.

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Bill 21

Bill 21

We need a federal government that will stand up for the rights of all Quebecers. I will continue to fight against Bill 21.

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Flood Preparedness

Flood Preparedness

We need better infrastructure, better services during emergencies - and a real plan to relocate homeowners who need assistance.

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"I'm running to be a strong voice in Ottawa.

To stand up for Montreal and people of every background."

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